When it comes to finding new business leads for an accountancy practice, there is usually a split in optimising for local geographic traffic as well as national specialist traffic. In this instance our client Plan A ACCA Accountants, who are specialists in Construction Accountancy & Recruitment Accountancy are also based in Brentwood Essex.

We created new pages for both the Construction & Recruitment sectors whilst at the same time optimising the homepage for the geographical terms. In this case “Brentwood” & “Essex”. Our SEO service for accountants is not limited to geographical locations, we can optimise your website for any english speaking country!

SEO Monthly ReportingUsing our online tools to track the websites performance, we built up the SEO presence from nothing to page 1 and 2 rankings, using a various different SEO techniques including, good backlinking and finding well linked and appropriate expired URLs to connect up to drive well related traffic and boost the Google value.

As of 1st November 2016 the Plan A website sits as follows on Google…

“Accountants in Essex” Page 1 – Position 2

“Accountant in Essex” Page 1 – Position 2

“Recruitment Accountants” Page 1 – Position 9

“Construction Accountants” Page 2 – Position 1